The Importance of Implementing Technology in the Classroom

The Importance of Implementing Technology in the Classroom

One of the more recent cultural paradigm shifts was the industrial age, and it completely transformed society. The information age, digital revolution, and trend towards mobile technology are having just as great an impact (if not greater) on the way we interact, work, and learn. Technology is not a mere luxury anymore. It is a foundation upon which much of modern society functions.

Learning for the future

Technology will only play an increasing role in our society, especially as today’s digitally literate students mature and enter the workforce. Even working simple service jobs can require familiarity with computers, touch screens, or other technology.

And of course, technology plays a vital role in STEM fields. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics jobs are among the most desirable in today’s world. STEM careers are of enormous importance when it comes to workforce development, national security, and political considerations, in addition to their obvious applications. For students to aspire to study in these fields, they must be adept at using technology.

Challenges incorporating technology in the classroom

The incorporation of technology in the classroom can be more challenging for some instructors than others. Teachers should not steer clear of implementing technology in the classroom, however, even if they themselves are not familiar with it. There are several ways that teachers who are insecure about their technological skills can overcome their concerns.

First, administration in schools should be communicating with their teachers regarding their comfort levels with technology, and their plans to incorporate it into their lesson plans. For teachers who are uncomfortable with current, up-to-date technology, continuing professional development, mentorships with other instructors, and other methods of training should be considered. Leaving technology out of the classroom is simply no longer an option.

Ways to incorporate technology in the classroom

Instructors are finding a variety of exciting ways to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. From collaborating with other instructors and classrooms around the world via video chat to using apps and programs to help children develop an interest in coding, there are infinite ways to support classroom learning with technology.

Technology in the classroom is a way to encourage interaction and help students engage with the lessons, the instructor, and one another. Online learning also encourages children to use reading and typing skills that can benefit them for a lifetime in their personal, social, and professional lives.

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