Tools that will help your school

A cleverly simple school management system

Breeze is an intuitive and practical school management system, that combines all necessary organisational functions in one smart tool.

Intuitive & easy to use

We're committed to keeping things simple so we've made sure Breeze is visual, intuitive and clutter free. Features are useful, not overbearing, enabling it to be used on desktop, tablet and mobile with ease.

Improved engagement

Designed to improve engagement between educators, parents and students, Breeze has a practical feature set that provides transparency and real time data

Insightful data

Data sits at the very heart of Breeze - the software encourages schools to leverage the masses of data they collect in order to improve their workflows and optimise conditions for children to learn.


Breeze has been specifically designed to support schools of all sizes and set-ups, with the option to modify curriculums, grading systems, reporting setups and much more.

For schools that want better student outcomes

Stay Connected
Communication Channels
Grading & Report Cards
Insightful Reporting
Notifications & Alerts

Stay Connected

Built to be used on mobile devices stay connected always.

School ERP Built to be used on mobile devices Stay connected always - Breeze

Communication Channels

Collaborate to make better decisions and keep everyone on the same page.

Communication Channels Collaborate to make better decisions Keep everyone on the same page - School collaboration Informing messages through notice board Message and Notification alerts

Grading & Report Cards

Save time and encourage transparency with easy to use tools.

Grading and report cards - Student Information System (SIS) Save time - Online report cards for schools Encourage transparency with easy to use tools

Insightful Reporting

Insightful analytics to help make more informed decisions faster.

Insightful Reporting Financial report Grading based on batch subjects Grade points for each assessments Subject grade information

Notifications & Alerts

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Announcements makes alerts Don’t let anything slip through the cracks Notifications and alerts

Can Breeze help manage your school?

The ideal school management, student information and collaboration system for schools, independent colleges and even extracurricular establishments, Breeze makes management easy for a variety of educational institutions. Whether you’re organizing sports training, planning music recitals or teaching language classes, Breeze is the school ERP that fits into your agenda and intelligently improves it.

School Management System