How To Be More Productive

How To Be More Productive

Everyone thinks that being productive is about getting more things done in less time. So are you productive enough? If you believe you are a productive person then it is most likely that you will achieve more in months compared to people who might otherwise take years to accomplish. However, being productive is only a way of being and it is indefinite because you can always enhance your productivity to become an even more productive person. Here are some considerations that you might want to have a look at when trying to improve your productivity.

Move Out of Your Own Way

Sometimes we get so carried away with our own precision and tight schedules that we end up sabotaging ourselves. This means you resort to extrinsic factors, which focus on why you can't be more productive thereby giving you a chance to complain, blame, point fingers at everyone and everything except yourself. If you are unable to direct the blame externally then you end up using excuses and finding comfort in the fact that ' you had no control over what takes place.' There are several excuses that we live by every day of which 80% are unreal. Ignoring procrastination is a great example of how you stand in your own way preventing yourself from becoming more productive.

Speak to Yourself Differently

Productive people think very differently compared to others. Therefore, if you wish for a productive mindset, then you will need to challenge your thoughts and ideas. Rather than focusing along the lines of 'Oh, I am so stressed. I can't think straight,' a productive person will think of the best way to get things done in the specific time. Instead of whining about stress, he/she will try to identify the source of stress so that they can handle the situation better. Always remember that the words and phrases you use while talking to yourself will instantly empower you and determine the level of stress you are experiencing.

Make Adjustments That Better Suit You

What many people don't realise is that productivity and time management go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is important to focus on what suits you the most as this might not suit your best friend or colleague. It is better to seek advice from a meta view and make necessary modifications that better suit your situation. Take for instance, shopping for clothes, it's not necessary that the suit you try on is a perfect fit, it is most likely that you might need some tweaks and adjustments to properly fit your body type. The same goes for time management and productivity, you need to personalise what you read according to your requirements. Rather than throwing your hands up in the air, find a way to adjust so that it can suit your situation. It's almost like trying to become healthier but resisting from making lifestyle changes.

Determine Your Time Thieves

Did you know we all have time thieves however, most of us are unaware of them. Trying to identify your time thieves that are activities or situations that throw you off course, bad habits that prevent you from performing better or distractions, you will be able to improve productivity instantly. It is best to focus on one worst time management habits rather than trying out different techniques to combat your time thieves. Once you experience the rewards involved in correcting that one worst time management habits, you will eventually begin to correct everything else that isn't right.

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