Effective communication between parents and teachers

Effective communication between parents and teachers

With advancements in communication, why use conventional methods at school? Breeze allows you to engage with students and parents like never before.

Put up notices of events, happenings, holidays and just about anything, and have it instantly made available to parents across a range of devices.
message board

Stop preparing and handing out printed slips of paper to students hoping that it will reach parents. Make announcements that can be delivered instantly via SMS or through email.
class announcement

With just a few clicks, send a note to parents of one student, parents of all students of the school or any selection in between.

You can actually see a list of parents who have opened the notes that you sent them about their child’s activities at school.

When you want to allow a response send a message instead of a notification. Parents will love the ease of responding to you and having all communicating centralised and secure.
message iphone

You can find out more about Breeze's exciting features or request for a demo and we will be happy to show you around.

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