Digital badges to motivate and recognize learners

Digital badges to motivate and recognize learners

Digital badges, when implemented in educational settings, can improve student engagement and motivation which in turn can generate improved learning outcomes.

Breeze allows teachers to award digital badges to students. Whether it is ‘science student of the month’, ‘winning the general knowledge quiz’ or 'championship in athletics', badges in Breeze are very flexible and can be created by the teachers to make them unique to their classroom or school and to fit into the curriculum.

Along with curricular improvement, badges can help improve student involvement in extracurricular activities. Badges can be used to create learning pathways, helping students visualize their progress in an activity while encouraging them to perform better each time.

Compared to traditional letter grades, badges often paint a better picture of students’ skills and achievements. They reward students who seek out learning and performing opportunities, as well as motivate kids who have not succeeded in traditional classroom settings. Badges can also be used to encourage students to explore and learn outside the boundaries of the institution, such as at home and in their community.

Students love being recognized for their accomplishments. In Breeze, small colourful icons with representative images can be created for any particular achievement and specific teachers are authorized to award them to deserving students. When badges are awarded to the students, it becomes part of their profile and visible to parents and other students.

Do you think using digital badges could help recognize stellar performance and motivate your staff as well? We do, which is why breeze allows you to use badges for your staff as well. Let us show you how.

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